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A beautiful community is enhanced by the topnotch facilities and amenities they provide to their residents. Life is quite stressful enough, thus, the time to unwind and recharge is also the time to enjoy and bond with dear ones. Amenities help a lot to make your life more exciting, healthier and more vibrant.  At CAMELLA Santa Barbara, you can have all these and more. 

What will welcome you first here is the grand exquisitely designed gate with high perimeter fences and walls. Security is 24/7 and roving that’s why you will feel safe and secured all the time. What a relief to know that CAMELLA cares for the safety and security of its residents. There’s no more reassuring than this as we want to keep our family intact and safe at all times. 

Milestones in our life need to be celebrated, that’s why you can always hold it in the neighborhood’s Clubhouse. Come and celebrate your birthdays, graduations, promotions, bridal showers or baptismal parties. Here’s more:  if you need a place for regular meet-ups with friends or relatives, look no further and check the Clubhouse. Schedule your own videoke sessions with friends. This will be so convenient for you as you need not go out of the community – less time wasted on travel and traffic as well. You are literally within your own home. Enjoy fun times as you bond with your love ones. 

Wide lush and open spaces are what will be your views most of the time from the time you wake up in the mornings till you end the days with beautiful sunsets. As you walk, jog or run around – bask in the refreshing sceneries and smell the crisp air. You can ask your family members to join you in the walking or running sessions as a form of daily exercise. These walks or runs can set up what you need to tackle and hurdle for the day. You will certainly feel upbeat and energized as you face the day’s activities and challenges. 

For the sportier ones, there’s a basketball court where you can play to your heart’s content. Form your own basketball teams and play some competitive games with your neighbors, friends or relatives. Invite the rest of the family members to cheer you on. As you display your basketball prowess in shooting, dribbling or guarding your opponents, you also develop skills on teamwork, team play, sportsmanship, focus and determination. 

For the children, they will be happy to know that there’s a playground for their own brand of games they can engage into. Their parents can join them, too, as they can do their own activities while watching their kids.  As parents, you will be comforted to know that you have under your own care your kids and they can be so active while enjoying rough play instead of being glued to the TV sets or gadgets. Engaging them in active games makes them energized and develops their motor skills, too. Making them enjoy their free time is one of the best pleasures you can provide to your children and they will be too much grateful for that. 

All these amenities are top-notch, surely you wouldn’t want to ignore, so check them out now. 

  • Entrance Gate
  • Clubhouse
  • Playground
  • Baskethouse Court
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