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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Margarita Townhouse (End Unit) ₱ 1,876,932 Floor Area - 46 sqm/ Lot Area - 54 sqm
Margarita Townhouse (Inner Unit) ₱ 1,300,000 to 2,150,000 Floor Area - 46 sqm/ Lot Area - 36 sqm
Carmela Single Firewall ₱ 2,250,635 Floor Area - 65 sqm/ Lot Area - 88 sqm
Drina Single Firewall ₱ 2,450,000 to 5,150,000 Floor Area - 83 sqm/ Lot Area - 99 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1:
No Down, No Interest (2 years to pay)
Option 2:
Bank Financing
15% Downpayment, 85% Bank Financing

CAMELLA Santa Barbara is a home that’s definitely for keeps. When you want both city and country living at its best – then go for this place.  Whether you are a businessman just making a name, a young employee on the verge of rising in the corporate ladder or maybe a couple trying to build your own family – look for this place as an option to a lifelong journey. A home model, fit to your wants and needs, with your own desired budget is what you need to discuss with family and the CAMELLA sales agent. Discuss all options and come up with a big decision. Of course, having a home here could   be the best decision of your life. A huge decision for a wise investment, too. A home that the family will love. A property that will surely appreciate in the years to come. A legacy of the parents to their children and perhaps, their children’s children. 

Working hard, providing and caring for the family indeed are musts for parents. Children do their part by studying well and taking their school tasks and activities seriously.  When the family is all-filled up with work, school and other activities - a warm, cozy and lovely home that is safe and secure balances everything out. A community where comforts are near.  A vast neighborhood where nature is second to none. Somewhere where the air is fresh and the lush greens are everywhere. Scenic views around as you go wait for the sun to rise and be ready for the day ahead.  Or as you prepare for the day’s end – just being calm and contented as the sun sets to signal the night. Wouldn’t  you want to stay and live here forever? 

CAMELLA’s pride in CDO, Santa Barbara, as the name suggests reflects the kind of easy, refreshing lifestyle that will put at ease to you and family. Celebrate life as it is and indulge in some luxuries at the same time. Whatever life brings, be assured that family, relatives and friends will be there to protect, care and support you. A home built on trust, warmth, love and satisfaction is something you will treasure most. A home where memories will be created and remembered for a long time. Spend time with your love ones and create those moments that will be stored as precious memories. Whenever you are here in your home, everything seems to stand still as the place evokes tranquility and calmness to your hearts, minds and souls. 

A home nestled in a suburban setting so close to nature but has the city’s conveniences.  A community to love and nurture. A space where there is happiness and where love thrives always and forever.  That’s CAMELLA Santa Barbara in Cagayan de Oro where there’s a good life for everyone all year-through. 

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